Funeral car hire Nottingham

Looking for Funeral Car Hire Nottingham – Premier Limos is available to help you in this hour of need and chauffeuring you to & from the funeral service during the day.

Planning a loved one’s funeral can be a stressful¬†time but with our help, you will be taken care of from the very moment you make the call to when we arrive with a chauffeured vehicle. I always talk directly with the funeral director where possible to make any other arrangments and to also arrive at the collection address with the hearse at the same time, if needed flowers can be brought back with you in ether vehicles providing the flower arrangements are not too large to travel with passengers or in the trunk

The Presidential Limo is an 8 passenger family limousine in white & is ideal for family members wishing to travel together and follow the Funeral Procession on the day, from the home address or the funeral home & onwards travel from the service to the wake with time to reflect on memories during the journey. There is also The Silver Tuxedo Limousine that serves as a family limousine for up to 8 passengers and would match perfectly when the hearse is also silver or black.

And for the classic car enthusiast, there is the Rolls Royce Silver Spur in a classic colour combination of blue and magnolia, this vehicle seats up to 4 passengers and is now available for your funeral transport needs.

Each vehicle on the day will come with a uniformed chauffeur, Tissues, Chilled Bottled Water & Umbrellas. A time slot of 3 hours is normally offered but can be extended if needed to cover the extra time, late afternoon/evening returns or long-distance travel can also be offered when needed. All three vehicles together seat a total of 16 family members and can sometimes save you the extra vehicle when booking with the funeral homes own vehicles. If you are looking for all white vehicles to follow a white horse-drawn carriage during the proseesion,  or maybe a family member loves classic cars and you would like the Silver Spirit to attend on the day of the funeral.

For more details on the hire of a vehicle for a funeral service please get in touch via the contact form below and I will be happy to help. When a booking is made I will also be in touch with the Funeral home to make any other further arrangements as and when needed before the day of the service during the booking process.

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