Terms & Conditions

Premier Limos Ltd

Terms & Conditions

Booking & Deposit’s

  • A non-refundable deposit of at least £100 is needed to secure the hire of a vehicle for the date given and must be paid within 24hrs of confirming the hire.
  • On the day bookings, full payment must be made
  • The booking confirmation will be sent via an email to confirm along with payment detail options
  • The balance fee must be paid no later than 12 weeks before the date of hire
  • Payments can be made by Cash, BACS & Card payments to Premier Limos Ltd


  • If you have to cancel your booking with Premier Limos Ltd, the deposit payment will be forfeited, the payment made during the 12 weeks before the hire date will also be forfeited and no refund given.
  • A cancellation will only be accepted by A – a phone call to make Premier Limos aware of it & C – written email confirmation by the hirer. only when both are complete will the booking be cancelled.


  • Any damages to the vehicle inside or outside of the vehicle, made by his/hers party shall be the responsibility of the HIRER
  • Glassware breakages will result in a cost of £5 per broken item, stolen/broken decanters will result in a cost of £20 to be paid to the chauffeur at the time of the hire.
  • Sickness charge of £150 will be issued for a valeting fee


  • Any photos taken by a Chauffeur of Premier Limos Ltd will be made available to the hirer upon request and can be used by Premier Limos for any promotion ie Facebook, leaflets and advertising
  • If for any reason the booking needs to be altered by the hire ie, collection address, destinations times or date this may incur an extra charge to the booking fee
  • If for any reason the chosen vehicle is not available on the day of hire, every effort will be made for an alternative vehicle to be used, if however, this can not happen a full refund will be given.
  • Overtime will be charged at £100 and asked to be paid to the chauffeur at the time of the booking in cash
  • The consumption of food or drugs is not permitted in any of Premier Limos Ltd vehicle’s
  • Any aggressive behaviour towards the Chauffeur will result in the termination of the hire, and the police called to deal with the passenger/s and no alternative transport given by Premier Limos Ltd
  • All vehicles are NON SMOKING including VAPING
  • By confirming a payment on the booking, the hirer agrees to all terms & conditions above set out by Premier Limos Ltd